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Santa Cruz Chameleon Review

Santa Cruz Chameleon 2017

by Catherine Salisbury

The Chameleon is a solid, stable and super fun hardtail that is highly adaptable to the technical terrain that the Fort Collins area is known for. 2017 Santa Cruz Chameleon

Sombrio Review


by Kristin

I've tried and reviewing the short sleeve "Slice and Dice" Jersey, the V'al Shorts and the long sleeve Silhouette Riding Shirt as well as a pair of the OSO Women's Gloves. Sombrio

Five Ten

by Kristin

I have had the worst issues with bicycle shoes. From hot spots, bleeding and crushed toes, blisters on my heels to numbness that ended many rides early. I've been through it all and I had honestly lost hope on there being such a thing as a comfortable bike shoe. Five Ten

Sombrio Review

Santa Cruz Bicycles - Tallboy 2

by Kristin

My experiences and opinions of this bike and the Santa Cruz brand have only gotten more positive over the year. It took me some time to completely fine tune the settings like rebound to be perfect for me but once I got it, the bike really started to shine. Santa Cruz Bicycles


by Kristin

You've likely seen me posting photos of me wearing brightly colored shorts or ones with crazy designs. They are the Shredly MTB Long and Ive been having so much fun with these shorts. Shredly

Petal Power Joy Ride System

by Kristin

What is a chamois system? Well, its a before, during and after chamois cream system that includes the Joy Ride Chamois Cream (the during) but it also includes a package of Clean Start Wipes (the before) as well as a Fresh Finish Cleanser (the after). Why is all of this so nice? The ladies at Petal Power couldnt have put this better - Petal Power Joy Ride System

SockGuy SGX 6 Sock

by Robert

Unless your profession is napping, or youve have mastered levitation, chances are you spend a lot of time on your feet. Being a high-maintenance foot person my entire life, Ive tried almost everything to calm the tired foot. What Ive learned is that theres more than one thinks to the everyday use and maintenance of feet, which are the foundation of our structure. If the feet are tired, fatigued, or achy, it doesnt take long for the rest of the body to follow suit. SockGuy SGX 6 Sock

The Rider And The Wolf

by Matt

Mike Rust lived bicycles. So much of what bicycling culture is today can be drawn back to Mike and his friends doing their thing in the mountains of Colorado. He used his experience riding and building bicycles (everything from road bikes to high wheels) to help construct early concept bikes to conquer single tracks of dirt and rocks and hills and slopes. The Rider And The Wolf

Twin Six The Standard Womens Jersey

by Kristin

Its everything Ive always wanted from a jersey. Its simple, its lightweight, has three back pockets, its breathable and it fits well. I know a lot of folks like wearing busy jerseys and I do too sometimes but theres always a place for an awesome solid top to go with your busy shorts. In fact, these days its pretty damn unique to be able to sport a solid, high quality tech jersey. Twin Six The Standard Womens Jersey

Inside Ride E Motion Rollers

by Kristin

I was lucky enough to be able to try out rollers made by Inside Ride. They have a slightly different approach to making you feel more comfortable and safe on them. They are too. While I did fall off most other rollers eventually, I have yet to have any issues with the Inside Ride rollers - Inside Ride E Motion Rollers

Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream

by Kristin

Udderly Smooth is just that smooth! Made in the USA for over thirty years, Udderly Smooth products contain rich moisturizing ingredients. From the very first day I tried this product to weeks later, my opinion hasnt changed in the slightest. This is a great product and Im glad I have been introduced to Udderly Smooth. That was one #ChainringChat question that really paid off big for me. Udderly Smooth Chamois Cream