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Mountain Bike Skills and Videos

Mountain Bike Skills


Learning the Ups in Mountain Biking

Let's face it - mountain biking is hard! One of the biggest challenges I find is going up over obstacles. I have a hard enough time going up as it is, especially a sustained long climb. Throw in some rocks and roots to go over as well and I usually tucker out. Learning the Ups

Fun Videos

These are just some random fun videos we have found in our travels and opted to share with you.

Random Videos We Like

From names we know or random silly stuff, here are some cool videos to distract you from work.

  • Danny MacCaskill's - The Ridge
  • Danny MacCaskill's - Cascadia
  • Danny MacCaskill's - Epecuen
  • Danny MacCaskill's - A Wee Day Out
  • AdventureNOW
  • Time to Get Moist
  • Fabio Wibmer - Out Of Mind
  • Fabio Wimber - Bike Balancing 200m High
  • Walmart Huffy Challenge - Skills with Phil
  • Shifted - A New Mountain Bike Film
  • Brandon Semenuk Hits Flowy Trail
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