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NoCO Trails - Larimer County Extremes

by Kirsten Armbruster

Did you know, you can mountain bike two completely different trail systems in contrasting climate zones and still stay within Larimer County? We did this in one hot weekend in July. Here is the trail report for each area, with tips included. NoCO Trails - Larimer County Extremes

Awkward Moments - Turning Right

by Kristin Eagle

Turning Right: When I'm mountain biking, I ride left foot forward. When I approach a right turn, I will inevitably move my right foot forward and then down... Awkward Moments - Turning Right

Let Go of the Apologies

by Kristin Eagle

Mountain biking is one of the hardest things I've tackled in my life. It's challenging at so many levels and it's also extraordinarily rewarding... Let Go of the Apologies

Tuck and Roll

by Jess Miles

Imagine just hitting your stride with a new ladies riding group and starting to get excited about races and rides. Imagine a rough weekend of life things, and driving the bike into the garage after an otherwise spectacular ride with a small number of said biking ladies group... Tuck and Roll

Look Before Leaping

by Jess Miles

Crashing. Bleeding. Breaking. It's a harsh reality: my body knows what's happening and is reacting accordingly, and the problems start when my mind steps in... Look Before Leaping

Define for Yourself What it Means to Win

We all have our own reasons for racing. Some of us race to win, but there is only one spot on the top of the podium! So why do so many people sign up to race, some knowing it's not about the win? What it Means to Win

Jari Kirkland as a Role Model

by Elizabeth Sugar Boese

Most of my friends know me as a 24-hour mountain bike solo racer. But I never intended to become that! It all started when I signed up to be the "Webcaster" for the 24 Hours of Moab race back in 2008. That was back when Granny Gear put on quite a production at their races, including live bands and reporters going out scooping the dirt to be posted on the website throughout the race. Jari Kirkland

A Seven-day Adventure on Bikes

by Kirsten Armbruster

Three-and-a-half years of planning, training, failing and learning from our mistakes have come to this moment. My vision is reduced to the gravel road directly ahead, sweat is dripping in my eyes. A Seven-day Adventure on Bikes

Happy Jack Fat Biking

by Jon Cicarelli

Fat bikes are a relatively new phenomenon in the world of cycling. Early versions have been available commercially for about a decade, but only in past few years have they become a common sight around on public lands. Happy Jack Fat Biking

Bikepacking to Backcountry Huts in Colorado

by Kirsten Armbruster

Colorado is a beautiful state in which to play outdoors. There are so many activities depending upon the time of year. My husband, Dave, and I moved out here to ski in the winter and mountain bike in the summer. Friends of ours introduced us to ski touring to the backcountry huts maintained by the 10th Mountain Division Hut Association. Bikepacking to Backcountry Huts in Colorado

Learning the Ups in Mountain Biking

by Elizabeth Sugar Boese

Let's face it - mountain biking is hard! One of the biggest challenges I find is going up over obstacles. I have a hard enough time going up as it is, especially a sustained long climb. Throw in some rocks and roots to go over as well and I usually tucker out. Learning the Ups


Bikepacking is a relatively new style of touring that’s quickly gaining in popularity. Bikepackers take an ultra-light, ultra-mobile approach to self-supported touring. In turn, this approach uses minimalist camping gear and either a mountain or cyclocross bike. See Bikepacking Tips

Advocacy & Trail Etiquette

Mountain Biking and Equestrians

Last month I was invited to speak at the Larimer County Horseman's Association monthly meeting. Another avid mountain biker, who is also a horse owner, joined me for the discussion (thank you Steph Hoke!) We were able to present multiple scenarios from a mountain biker's perspective and hear the same scenarios from an equestrian's perspective. Mountain Biking and Equestrians by Kenny Bearden

A Crash Course in Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette

In the following article I will present an unofficial guide to mountain biking trail etiquette. I will admit that when I was younger, there were probably times when I needed an ‘etiquette lesson' on the trail. In a couple of cases I received an Instant Karma Etiquette Lesson and ended up looking and feeling like a giant tool. A Crash Course in Mountain Biking Trail Etiquette by Reno Toffoli

Winning Means Showing Up - Be Involved

Mountain biking is one of the fastest growing outdoor recreation sports in the country, and access for mountain bikers to great trails has been increasing across the U.S. on both public and private lands... Winning Means Showing Up