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Legal and Disclaimer

mtbtime takes no responsibility for any bodily injury incurred by cyclists using our information, services, videos or commentary. Mountain biking is inherently risky and could result in injury or death.

We believe strongly in responsible riding and do not support, encourage or condone reckless and irresponsible behavior while cycling. We believe it is the riders responsibility to take care of ones self and actions. Abiding by traffic laws, state laws, trail etiquette and rules for cycling and watching out for hazards, pedestrians, hikers and vehicles are critical for safe and responsible riding.

If you choose to use headphones while riding, look at GPS's, Apps, or anything else that can take your attention from the road or trail, that is your sole responsibility. Remember, at the blink of an eye, everything can change. Is it worth it?

GPX Files and Maps Disclaimer assumes no liability for the use of maps or GPX files downloaded from the site. GPX files are are generated from many people in various areas, and have no guarantee of accuracy. Trails change regularly, therefore maps and GPX files may not be up-to-date and trails may no longer exist. Please do your research with local and official resources before you venture onto trails. Please follow all signs both on the trail and in the parking areas such as no trespassing, no bikes, etc...

Ride responsibly and keep your eyes on the trail or road -