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GPX File Information

Sharing GPX Files

It is our goal to provide useful GPX files to the mountain bike community. We don't believe you should have to pay for these files or be a premium member to any service to acquire such files. Therefore, if you are interested in sharing your files with the community, please send them to the god email at the bottom of the page. We will take a look at the file(s) and then post them on mtbtime for download.


ALL personal data is removed including ride speed, author, etc. We do this to protect your privacy. We only want to supply basic GPX information for users to use on their devices or to more easily review potential rides before arriving to their destinations.

IMPORTANT: Please do not send files that start and end from your home. We do not take the time to add privacy radius information to downloadable GPX files. So if you don't want to direct users to your house, please be cautious about this and only send files where you started and stopped your device away from your home.

File Types

We currently only accept GPX file format. In time we might add .fit files but for now, please only send in .gpx. If you don't have these files stored on your computer but you use Strava, you can go to your account, choose the rides/routes you wish to share, and download them from the "GPX" link located on the map of each ride. Then attach them and send them to the GPX email located at the bottom of any page.

Why Don't We Just Use "Connect with Strava"?

Unfortunately files that we would receive through "Connect with Strava" are altered so much that they would no longer be useful to users who wish to use them on their devices. In order for us to have the most accurate track from devices, we need the versions that are not compressed.

GPX Files and Maps Disclaimer assumes no liability for the use of maps or GPX files downloaded from the site. GPX files are are generated from many people in various areas, and have no guarantee of accuracy. Trails change regularly, therefore maps and GPX files may not be up-to-date and trails may no longer exist. Please do your research with local and official resources before you venture onto trails. Please follow all signs both on the trail and in the parking areas such as no trespassing, no bikes, etc...


If you have any questions about GPX files, feel free to write to us at the GPX email at the bottom of the page.

Flag a File

If you wish to flag a file that you believe is not accurate, is out-of-date, or of concern, please report a file using the GPX email at the bottom of any GPX download page and let us know which file by copying and pasting the "ID" on the GPX ride page. Every ride has this ID!