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Eagle Mountain Biking: Colorado

Mountain Biking in Eagle, Colorado

Mountain Bike Destination Guide & GPX Files for Eagle County, Colorado

Area includes:

  • Eagle
  • Vail

Mountain Bike Routes & Trails

MTB Routes and Trails

"If Yuri Kostick has his way, he will soon be known as the "Mayor of Mountain Biking." And the town of Eagle he presides over will be recognized as Colorado's new mountain biking mecca.

While local momentum among knobby-tired dirt riders has been building for about 20 years, the discovery of Eagle’s estimated 70-100 miles of trails by those outside of the county more readily recognized for the downhill skiing amenities of Vail and Beaver Creek has only recently started gaining traction. But prevailing opinion holds that Eagle has landed in the mountain biking world."

"At 6,600 feet, our advantage is that we dry out a lot earlier than the higher altitudes and stay cooler longer than Moab or Fruita," said Kostick, a landscape architect by trade. "It starts with the God-given attributes of having the right terrain in a raw state. After that, it’s a matter of what you do with it." -- Denver Post

"This is what we do," the 42-year-old Eagle mayor said of his community's love of off-road riding. "There are way more trails in Eagle than you can ride in a weekend, and the terrain is all accessible from downtown. If you live here, your driveway is the trailhead." -- Yuri Kostick (Mayor of Eagle, Colorado)
Trails are conveniently divided into three areas. Beginners can get creative with a series of loops off Haymaker. There’s also plenty of flowing, beginner singletrack options in Eagle Ranch, where a figure eight can easily add up to an hour of riding. Downhillers should beeline to the professionally rebuilt Pool and Ice Trail, which descends off of the Boneyard on Bellyache Ridge. Technical endurance junkies can find longer day rides in West Eagle. Still in the works, according to Kostick, is a “back-of-beyond monster loop that can be shuttled and includes a 3,000-foot descent from the summit of Hardscrabble Mountain on U.S. Forest Service lands through some brilliant singletrack on BLM territory, and ends up on the town network, where you can roll into one of our two independent craft breweries for a recovery drink. -- Gind TV

Vail, Colorado

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