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Downieville, California Mountain Bike Destination Guide & GPX Files - Sierra County

Mountain Bike Routes & Trails

MTB Routes and Trails

Ask a Local

Yuba Expeditions pioneered the backcountry mountain biking in Downieville and was the first to offer shuttles to the area's popular downhill runs. Owned and operated by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, a nonprofit trail advocacy group, Yuba's profits go right back into the trail system. Here are their recommendations.

Favorite Trail

Built by our parent company, Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship, the North Yuba Trail is an awesome newer cross-country out-and-back right from town that features perfectly banked switchbacks, flowing descents, and a climb that earns you a post-ride beer. For speed junkies, there may be no faster singletrack than Third Divide. People have been clocked going as fast as 40 miles an hour. It's an otherworldly experience.

Best Digs

Budget: The Carriage House Inn was recently remodeled and the rooms now have decks overlooking the Downie River. The continental breakfast and coffee are great.

Plush: The Downieville Loft is a rental above Yuba Expeditions that sleeps six. You can roll out of bed and catch the shuttle.

Best Eats

Budget: At La Cocina Del Oro you can get a delicious $10 burrito made with quality ingredients. Get a table on the deck right over the Downie River.

After-Bike Beverage

The only bar in town is called St. Charles Place. It's rich with history, crusty old miners, and bartenders who will tell you riveting tales about Downieville's past.

Off-Bike Activity

A sixer of your favorite beer, a swimming hole, and a fishing pole. There are tons of great swimming holes within walking distance of town, but a particular favorite is right along the start of the North Yuba Trail.