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Decorah, Iowa Mountain Bike Destination Guide & GPX Files - Winneshiek County

Mountain Bike Routes & Trails

MTB Routes and Trails

Visit Decorah, Iowa

One of the beautiful things about traveling to Decorah, Iowa is the wonderful amount of activities folks can do; especially biking! From the popular paved trail - Trout Run Trail to exploring the local gravels and roads, and not to mention- the mountain biking! Folks come from all over to experience the Decorah off-road trails, and those from other states such as Colorado have had rave reviews about their experience.

The Decorah trails are considered "old school" by new trail building standards- everything is hand-built vs. machine built. Decorah also is located in what many call the "Driftless Region" which is a term for saying "We might be in Iowa, but we have hills!" The trails snake up and around in the beautiful bluffs surrounding the town, which gives beautiful views- especially in the fall. You earn your downhills when riding in Decorah and many locals say "If you can ride Decorah you can ride anywhere!" The trails are located in three parks: Van Peenen, Dunning's Spring, and Palisades. Really when it comes to routes- you can easily string up trails between all the parks and find yourself enjoying nearly 2 hours of riding. All trails are two-way, thus giving over 20 miles of off-road riding adventure!

Decorah Bicycles - Featured Bike Shop

Decorah Bicycles

We are riders. We ride bikes. We love bikes, simple as that. We have a strong passion for cycling no matter how one chooses to ride. Our main focus is helping others experience all the joys of cycling that we've been so fortunate to experience over the years.

Decorah Bicycles 101 College Drive, Decorah, IA 52101, (563) 382-8209

What to Do

When in Decorah, you will of course want to check out Pulpit Rock Brewing and Toppling Goliath. Both are located within walking distance, which makes them a popular destination for post-ride gatherings! For eating, Good Times Bar & Grill (near TG/Pulpit), T-Bock's, and Mabe's Pizza are popular destinations for casual eating. If you want something more up-scale, Rubaiyat and La Rana Bistro are also common destinations for local/organic food choices.

If bringing your bike isn't an option, Decorah Bicycles has a fleet of rentals that will be sure to cater to your needs with several options for fatbikes and plus bikes. (Up-to-date rental rates) Check out trail conditions on Decorah Mountain Bike Trails. Dry season or snow, you will enjoy the off-road trails of Decorah!
Content contributed by Josie Smith, writer and blogger for Josie's Bike Life Blog. You can also follow Josie's Bike Life on Facebook